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7 Simple Tricks and Tweaks to Improve Model Performance show more
Description Adaptive Insights' powerful Elastic Hypercube Technology is so flexible that it can be easy to inadvertently build yourself into a corner. In this session, we’ll give you the fixes you need to improve your model’s performance and overcome issues like slow reports or spinning wheels.
Achieving Strategic and Operational Workforce Planning show more
Description From headcount and skills capacity planning to organizational restructuring, finance is increasingly taking on a critical role in workforce planning. Learn how to use Adaptive Insights to achieve comprehensive, strategic workforce planning in partnership with your HR and business leaders.
Adaptive Insights Product Feedback show more
Description Always one of our most popular sessions, in this open forum our Product Management team and top engineers and implementers will be on-hand to answer your questions and listen to your requests and comments. With real answers to real problems, our team is famous for being open, creative, and knowledgeable.
Administrator Essentials show more
Description Be the person with the answers. In this session, we’ll show you the tips and tricks every administrator should know to troubleshoot data/formula issues, streamline report maintenance, understand navigation shortcuts, and more.
Advanced Modeling show more
Description The industry-leading modeling capabilities of Adaptive Insights are constantly expanding and improving. Have you kept up? In this session, we’ll highlight recent advances in modeling while showing you how to maximize our powerful modeling tools withModeled and Cube sheet best practices, tips and tricks.
Advanced Web Reporting: The Hidden Power show more
Description Once you’ve mastered the basics of reporting within Adaptive Insights, there’s an even deeper level of powerful features waiting to be unleashed. Come learn about our flexible custom display expression feature and new formatting modes, as well as best practices for building faster, more powerful reports.
Automating Your Monthly Financial Reports show more
Description Let’s get visual. In this session, we’ll teach you how to create presentation-ready reports using OfficeConnect, along with best practices for report creation and maintenance. We’ll also demonstrate how to create PowerPoint presentations using OfficeConnect to create board presentations.
Best Practice Analytics show more
Description Want to take your analytics to the next level while gaining more time for analysis? Our experts will share tips for making your reports and charts more powerful and dynamic while streamlining your reporting process.
Building Your Team for the Future show more
Description According to Forbes, over a third of today's workforce, or more than 56 million people, are millennials and post-millennials. By 2025, this group will make up nearly 75% of the workforce. In this session, we will explore strategies and ideas for attracting, hiring, managing, and retaining the talent your organization will need to be successful.
Connecting Adaptive Insights to the World Tyler Stubbs, Adaptive Insights show more
Description Let’s connect. Come join our product team as they present an overview of the wide variety of third-party integrations that are possible with Adaptive Insights. They will present how you can integrate not only data but also metadata hierarchies from your ERP systems. Speakers Tyler Stubbs Adaptive Insights
Future Feature Feedback Forum show more
Description The Product Management team at Adaptive Insights is always thinking a few releases ahead. In this session, we’ll share a sneak peak of the features we'll be highlighting in 2020. This is your opportunity to make feature requests and provide feedback directly to the Product Managers who plan our roadmap. We'd love to hear what you have to say!
Get Ready for What’s Next: A Roundtable Discussion on Next-Gen Skills in Finance (90min) show more
Description How is finance transformation also transforming the FP&A skillset? During this roundtable discussion we’ll share the results of AFP’s research benchmarking the digital readiness of the FP&A function. We’ll then turn it over to you to discuss with your peers so you can develop an action plan for leveling up yourself and your team.
Integrating the Intelligence Around You show more
Description What does “agile” look like for the finance function? How should you design work for your team? AFP’s research into management theory has produced a new perspective into Integrative Intelligence that can help bridge technology and teaming in your finance operations. In this roundtable discussion you’ll learn about this emerging practice and get the opportunity to discuss how your peers are applying it in their own organizations.
Intro to Analytics Jugal Shah, Adaptive Insights; Deepa Ramalingam show more
Description Part of being a good planner is being a good storyteller. In this session, we’ll discuss how to leverage different analytics tools such as OfficeConnect and Dashboard Charts to deliver timely and accurate analytics so you can better tell your company’s financial story. Speakers Jugal Shah Adaptive Insights Deepa Ramalingam
Linking Sales and Financial Planning for Richer Analysis and Improved Forecast Accuracy show more
Description Adaptive Insights for Sales helps customers quickly and easily optimize resources, increase sales performance, and improve sales predictability. In this session, see how the integration of sales planning and the corporate model gives finance better insight into functional interdependencies, improves forecasts, and provides more meaningful variance analysis.
Phenomenal Formula Writing show more
Description Don’t let formulas scare you. We’ll show you how to improve your documentation and understanding alike by leveraging spaces and comments to write your formulas. This hands-on session will give you the chance to practice modifying sample formulas using an editor like Notepad.
Plan. Execute. Analyze: Better Together show more
Description Learn how the Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud combines with Workday’s leading suite of applications for finance and HR to enable customers to better plan, execute and analyze all in one system. We’ll also show you how Adaptive Insight's product innovations can be extended to Workday and non-Workday transitional systems.
Preparing for Your Next Budget Cycle show more
Description Year 1 is in the books. Time to relax? Hardly. In this session, we’ll cover all the key factors to consider when preparing for the next planning cycle, such as new version elements, structure updates, preparing sheets for users, and more.
Project Planning Best Practices for Professional Services show more
Description Effective project planning is essential to improving profitability in professional services. Understanding which project types are most profitable, how staffing and rates impact margins, and the effect timelines have on revenue recognition are just a few of the data points service providers must monitor and manage. During this session we’ll share examples of dynamic and robust models along with the analytics required to drive informed decisions by leaders and project teams.
SaaS KPIs: Data Definitions and Benchmarking Vs. Peers show more
Description CAC, retention, rep productivity, oh my! It’s time to pin down definitions to see how you stack up against your peers. OPEXEngine, a leading provider of SaaS KPI data, will share findings from its survey of over 300 public and private SaaS companies. We’ll discuss these metrics and show how to access this benchmark data in Adaptive Insights to inform your own planning processes.
Security Basics of Adaptive Insights Rama Vissapragada show more
Description There are many different facets of security in Adaptive Insights. In this session, we’ll cover them all. Join as we discuss the different ways Adaptive Insights approaches security and how to best implement them. For additional learning, attend the Advanced Security session to learn about new, rich Dimensional Access Control feature. Speakers Rama Vissapragada
Sneak Peek: A Look Ahead at the 2019.3 Release show more
Description Sure, there's a lot of new stuff in our recent release. But there's even more to come in 2019.3, scheduled for Fall 2019. Join our Product Management team as they present a review of the key features targeted for later this year and add your voice to the mix.
Storytelling to a Non-Finance Audience show more
Description Want to capture the attention of your non-finance audience when presenting plans and results? In this session, we’ll discuss how KPIs and charts can help you tell a visual story centered on relevant information that focuses their attention and drive results.
Understanding Your Adaptive Insights Model show more
Description Do you know how your model really works? During this session, you’ll be able to log in to your own model and follow along as we walk through everything you need to know to keep your model updated and healthy.
Using the Process Tracker to Drive Collaboration and Adoption show more
Description Process Tracker allows you to increase collaboration across your organization while streamlining processes and reducing training time. In this session, we’ll show you how to easily provide your budget contributors or data consumers with a step-by-step guide that walks them through the process of updating budgets/forecasts and reviewing reports.
Visualizing Nonprofit KPIs (90 mins) Anna Amselle, National Association of Counties show more
Description How do you measure expenses, trends, and the good you’re doing? Join us to learn about the different types of KPIs nonprofits should track so you can better serve your organization’s mission. We’ll also show you how to easily visualize KPIs with a hands-on demonstration of how to create your own interactive charts and dashboard. This will be a hands-on session, please bring your laptop with you. Speakers Anna Amselle National Association of Counties

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